Tyndall ARC Space-A

 For this ARC, Active duty have priority.

In the event that there are seats available the morning of the class; empty seats will be filled by those who have enrolled Space-A, in the order which they enrolled. If there are still seats available, these will be filled by walk-ins: first come-first served.

Student must have completed BRC, BRCu, or BRC2 with proof (lost card? Contact school which you attended. If you completed the BRC via PCMT/Ride2wheels, contact me with Name, DL #, and approximate date of completion)


Class starts at 7:30AM PCT (Panama City Time). Course is currently scheduled to be conducted OFF BASE at the Shaddai Shrine, 1101 W. 19th Street in Panama City.


Student must provide:

-Motorcycle: motorcycle must be street legal and pass T-CLOCS. If student is borrowing motorcycle, either owner must be present to authorize use, or a notorized letter authorizing use in ARC must be provided. letter must include: make, model, and VIN

-DOT approved helmet: must pass visual inspection

-Eye protection: Face shield or glasses

-Long pants: must be in good repair, No bell bottoms

-Long sleeves: shirt or jacket (consider temperature)

-Over the ankle footwear (boots recommended)

-FULL Fingered gloves


Course may be Cancelled without notice due to weather. Due to speeds and lean angles, this course is not conducted in the rain.

Tyndall ARC Space-A

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